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Eloise Hoatlin

I grew up in Portland and live in South East PDX with my teenage child. I found fitness about 10 years ago as an essential part of my recovery from addiction and also to support my mental health. I have been training with kettlebells specifically for about 7 years and have been a group fitness coach and personal trainer for 5 years. In addition to working with kettlebells, I love to run, in particular Half Marathons (I've completed about 100 so far!), have been the captain of  a Hood to Coast team for the past few years and am a competitive stair climber as well. I love fundraising and building community utilizing movement and connecting people with fun group activities like the annual Shamrock Run!! If you hang out long enough you will end up doing a team activity :) 


I am a certified Trauma Informed Weight Lifting Coach and also a certified Drug and Alcohol counselor and was working in the field until the opportunity to open EKC presented itself. Part of my personal mission in becoming an addictions counselor was to work in sober fitness and build sober community through movement, and having my own gym has allowed me the opportunity to bring that dream fruition by working with the clinic I was formerly employed by and coaching a sober fitness group for them here.


In my spare time I like to spend time working out, cooking and eating yummy food and watching movies with my partner, child and 4 cats.  


Felecia Wineman

I approach fitness as a practice; to be performed regularly to improve proficiency. With intentional daily practice,  any person can expect to become stronger, increase endurance, improve functional mobility, reduce strength and mobility imbalances, and lift themselves off a toilet when they’re 80 years old!


Before discovering my passion for health and fitness I earned a BA in History at Portland State University and a Masters in Teaching from Lewis & Clark College. My personal journey began when I stumbled into an intro class at the former BHKC and soon became hooked on kettlebells,  the body-positive environment there, and sharing space with strong folks.  Training to become stronger inspired me to work towards earning my Strong First L1 and Animal Flow L1 instructor certifications and started coaching kettlebell classes in December of 2019. In March 2023 I earned my Pain-Free Performance Foundations Certification. 


During the lockdown years I continued learning about other modalities and in January 2021 I earned my ACE personal trainer certification. Check out Wineman Coaching for more information on my personal training package rates and options.

In October of 2022 Eloise and I joined forces to co-found Eastside Kettlebell Collective!


When I’m not working towards my own fitness goals, personal training clients, or designing workouts for group classes for the Eastside Kettlebell Collective, I can be found puttering around the garden, spending time with the family, hiking tall mountains, running races and enjoying all the beauty Oregon has to offer.


Estella Dachenhausen

Hi everyone! I am Estella an I lead the High Intensity Interval Kickboxing class at EKC. I come with technical experience from boxing, capoeira and kickboxing fitness.  HIIT and Kick is a high energy class focused on balance, agility and intention through power movements.


Every person is powerful! I've put together an uplifting full body workout that combines self defense skills, endurance and high calorie burn that can be modified to most levels of fitness and experience.


Sweat and shine with the Thursday Lunch Bunch or the Sunday Brunch Punch! ❤️🔥🥊



Casey Dawson

I love to move and to facilitate movement for others. I've been leading classes of various modalities for a decade, with a particular interest in functional movement. I am AFAA certified, have completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training and have received my level 2 willPower Method® certification (think barefoot calisthenics + barre/pilates + bootcamp). I'm a self proclaimed anatomy nerd and am always excited to learn new and interesting ways to move. I get so much joy from working with folks of all fitness levels and helping them to connect to their smart, strong and capable bodies. I believe if we can let go of expectations - what we used to be able to do, what we "should" be able to do, etc. - and focus on the moment at hand, real change and magic can happen. This movement, this breath, this moment.

In my life outside the gym you'll find me out worshiping nature, riding my bike, hanging with my sweet hubs and pup Sylvie, and generally goofing off as much as I can.


Kristen Friis-Hansen

As a NASM-certified personal trainer with 15 years of experience as a chef, I’m ready to help you meet your fitness and food goals! My goal is to create a welcoming and judgement-free space for anyone and everyone who wants to exercise and eat great food. I specialize in strength training, barbell, and meal planning that tastes good. As a queer woman, I know first-hand that weightlifting can be an intimidating space to enter. Thanks to some friends who showed me the ropes early on in my journey, I ended up falling in love with it. Now, I strive to help others do the same.         


Amy Graves

Hiya! My name is Amy (she/her), and I’m super excited to join the team at EKC! I took my first kettlebell class at the Warrior Room in 2016, and was immediately hooked. I was amazed at how beneficial working out was for my mental as well as my physical health. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2017, I was so grateful to have a place and a practice that made me feel strong and helped speed my recovery. 

I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned over the years, and aim to ensure that everyone who takes one of my classes feels as included, safe, and as much joy (and maybe a teeny bit of pain 😉) as I have over the years. 

When I’m not at the gym, I’m probably taking pictures in or out of the studio, or walking my dogs. 

I can’t wait to meet everyone!


Lacey Hamerin

I have been swinging kettlebells for nearly a decade, and teaching them since 2018. Kettlebells are great for any fitness level and the workouts are never repetitive! Outside of kettlebells I enjoy hiking, paddle boarding, traveling, and watching movies and trashy reality tv. 

Come see me Friday nights at EKC!

Margo Isadora - bio pic.JPG

Margo Isadora

A lifelong athlete, yogi, and designer Margo uses the power of movement to keep her balanced, vibrant, and focused. Margo is new to Portland, she began teaching Strength & Stability classes in parks in Brooklyn, NY over the pandemic to encourage community through movement. Margo utilizes bodyweight strength, mobility, and stability exercises that incorporate a variety of props to intensify the workout. Margo is NASM certified, her creative flows are influenced by her background in boxing, running, and yoga. She helps students translate the focus, balance, and strength they gain on the mat into their daily lives.


Ashley Low

My name is Ashley (she/her) and I am so honored to be able to offer yoga to the EKC community. 


I came to yoga and meditation in 2015 as a way to alleviate stress and combat chronic muscle tension. As my practice deepened and my body became more flexible, I noticed more ease in my life. As I got stronger, I started to feel more confident. As I got more comfortable flowing through my yoga practice, I started to feel more comfortable moving through the world. In 2020 I completed a 200 hr yoga teacher training program with Yoga Punx PDX, and have been a dedicated student of Yoga ever since.


I love sharing what I’ve learned on my journey with others, and creating safe spaces for people to connect with their bodies using yoga asana (postures), vinyasa (movement) and pranayama (breath work), that focus on mobility and accessibility for all levels of practitioner. 


Outside of teaching, I work as a freelance designer whose most recent project was layout design for my teacher David Garrigues’ book, Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa, merging my love of yoga and graphic design into one project.


When I am not working, I love spending time with my family, making art and staying active. I am looking forward to integrating the classes at EKC into my routine, and meeting all of you!! 


Alison Lutz

 I started training with kettlebells in 2016 and my journey from casual attendee to becoming a trainer has been anything but linear. Through it all, working with kettlebells has taught me a lot about patience, gratitude, and the importance of rest. As a trainer, I aim to facilitate an environment of acceptance and admiration of the capabilities of our bodies and minds, no matter the size of the bell. Oh and I will also try to make you laugh. (Plz laugh).


Outside of the gym I am an artist, adjunct art professor, and union member. I also love to travel, so when I’m not lifting heavy (and light!) stuff at EKC you’ll probably find me in faraway lands, eating fabulous food and looking at art.

Jeana Bio Pic.jpg

Jeana Menger

Zumba® has been part of my personal fitness journey for more than a decade. After some serious pandemic/work burnout, I decided to get licensed to teach and share the fun!  Zumba® is a great way to shake off stress and get sweaty with sizzling moves to fantastic music! No experience needed — Zumba® is for everybody and every body! 

When I’m not learning new Zumba® choreography, I’m baking bread or making soup or planning my garden or making art or crocheting another sweater or working out with Eloise or librarian-ing or having a nap. Not necessarily in that order.



Georgina Soto

I began swinging kettlebells in 2021 as a way to support my mental health and have fun  with friends. The exercise quickly became something my body craved and something I wanted to share with others. I earned my ACE certification in 2022 so I could begin instructing. 

As someone who long felt like an outsider in the fitness community I am honored to now be in a position to welcome others into this world. In my own training I value honoring the movements my body is craving, having the opportunity to push myself, and having fun. 

Outside of the gym I work retail and enjoy my off time by cooking, watching movies, and spending time outdoors. :) 

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