Choose From a Variety


Hinge Foundations
(NEW clients)

In this 30 minutes class you will learn how to safely and effectively perform the hinge,  kettlebell deadlift, and hardstyle kettlebell swing.

Kettlebell Seven

Strength focused class utilizing the seven foundational kettlebell skills including deadlift, swing, clean, squat, press, snatch, and the get-up.

Kettlebell Conditioning

Fun cardio intensive heart-rate spiking class.

Leather Boxing Gloves

Hinges & Getups

 Practice and hone deadlift, swing, getup skills. Classes may include additional anti-rotation exercises to build core integrity and improve unilateral hinges. 

Open Gym

For package and membership clients with intermediate to advanced kettlebell skills who prefer to workout at their own pace. Will have access to all gym equipment without trainer guidance or feedback.  

Coming Soon!

Watch the schedule for Yoga and HIIT Kickboxing coming sometime in December/January!