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First Annual Feats of Strength Fundraiser

Join us for a fun Power Lifting Competition and other feats of strength as we gather as a community to raise funds for SMYRC (Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center). 

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Powerlifting Competition

Competition participants will be allowed three attempts for each lift. For a lift to count you will need to meet the following criteria for each lift:

  • Bench- Touch chest

  • Squat- Break parallel

  • DL-Full hip/knee extension

Click HERE to register 



Don't want to compete, but you'd still like to participate??You can still sign up and get in on the lifting fun!

Click HERE to register 


Other Feats of Strength

Kettlebell & Bodyweight

No need to sign up ahead of time for the following fun challenges!

  • Water Glass TGU 

  • Kettlebell Balance Pistol Squat

  • Kids Pullup and Pushup

  • And more!

Spectators Welcome!

  • Spectator Admission is $10 at the door.

  • All you can eat and drink (not including alcohol) tickets will also be available day of for $20.

Charcoal Barbecue Grill

Competition Rules & Schedule

Hello Feats of Strength Participants! We are so excited for you all to join us this Saturday for EKC’s First Annual Feats of Strength Fundraiser benefiting SMYRC! In this you will find a rough schedule for the day and guidelines for competitors. We will have liability waivers available at the check-in table before you begin warming up for your first lifts. For each lift you will have three attempts. We will ask you at check-in what your desired total load in pounds for your first attempt. You will submit your 2nd attempt load after your first attempt. You will submit your 3rd attempt load after your 2nd. Competition Rules Back Squat Once you unrack, you need to have no movement until the command/cue of “squat.” Upon the cue of squat, you will bend knees and lower the body until the top surface of the leg (upper quad at the hip joint) is parallel or lower than the top of the knee (90 degree knee flexion) You can’t ‘double bounce’ at the bottom (go up, down, then up again), or have any downward movement of the bar. You can’t step forward or backward, or move your feet laterally while squatting — you can’t lose your balance. The referee will command/cue “rack” once you come back up to full stop with no movement. Then you will rack the bar. Bench Press Global arch is ok, but must keep your head, shoulders, and buttocks in contact with the bench Feet must have contact with the ground (toes, ball of foot, or flat foot OK) After you unrack the bar you will wait for referee cue “Start” to lower, pause the weight on your chest and wait for cue “Press” to press before pressing and have a constant forward motion of the barbell start and finish with your arms locked. You will wait for the command of “Rack” before racking the bar. Deadlift The bar cannot travel downward before reaching the final position You must stand erect with the shoulders back You must stand with your knees straight at the completion of the lift You cannot have the bar rest on the thighs during the lift You cannot step forward or back or move the feet laterally during the ‘up phase’ The referee will command “Down” once lifted and knees and hips are locked out at the top with no movement. You must return the bar to the floor while maintaining control with both hands (NO throwing or dropping the bar!) Competition Schedule: 10AM Welcome/Check In/Warmup for Squat 10:30 AM BACK SQUAT Group A Group B Group C Group D 11:30 AM Bench Press Warm Up & TGU Challenge 11:40 Bench Press Group A Group B Group C Group D 12:30 DL Warm up & Pistol Squat & Kid Push Up & Pull Ups Group A Group B Group C Group D 1:30-2:30 Awards!

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